Creating inclusive employment opportunities for persons with disabilities

Fazle, 30, lives in a slum area of New Seemapuri, Delhi with his wife, son, and parents. Life took a turn for this happy man when he was struck with polio and was paralyzed from the waist down. With a son, a wife, and old parents to support, Fazle was in desperate need of work. He wanted to do jobs but he often faced stigma and discrimination; being considered less capable of working, nor he had enough financial assets to start a small business.

With the support of Project Saksham- which aims at reaching deprived and marginalized persons with disabilities; Fazle opened a makeshift shop in his wheelchair! He is now able to support his family. “I am grateful to Red Aid for supporting me with a wheelchair and helping me in starting my own shop. Now we don’t have to worry about sleeping on an empty stomach ” says Fazle. “Red Aid not only provided financial assistance but also helped in realizing my full potential”