Leprosy- A Growing Endemic and a Social Stigma

Leprosy has been there for a very long time, since 2000 BC. So much so that you can find its mention in ancient books. The first-ever case of leprosy was recorded in India and it is believed that this is where it started to spread all over the world. It spread due to the rise in trade and through the effect of war. 

A Brief History

Due to the increased cases of leprosy in India, Mahatama Gandhi was majorly concerned about the disease victims. He fought for them and stood at the times when the community forced them to live in isolation and wait for death. Soon, the people who were affected by the disease were stigmatised in society because it was contagious. Even in civilised societies, people began to spread and believe in myths and misconceptions. But Gandhi Ji fought against this social fear in society and decided to help the patients affected by it.

Because of his contributions to society, the day he passed away- 30th January is now considered World Leprosy Day in India. 

Is Leprosy Curable?